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TopBraid Vocabulary Explorer Graphic

Vocabulary Explorer is part of TopBraid Enterprise Vocabulary Net

… To start exploring, you can

1. Navigate to our FIBO Browser.

2. Find any class in FIBO, such as Agreement, Document, or Equity, by typing the characters it starts with in the lookup field on top of the tree. Once a match is found, click to select and see its description and other available information.

A search input field that shows autocomplete of the word affiliate

3. Find any class or property using the “Find class or property by text” facility in the menu. Use this option if you don’t know the starting characters. It will match your search string against all name (label) and description fields.

A search input field that shows autocomplete of the word affiliate

4. Get a visual view of each class by clicking on a Class Diagram on a form. All links are clickable.

Class Diagram

5. Or, for a simpler, less technical visual exploration and additional search features, select Display NeighborGram from the gear menu at the bottom. It is available for all resources, not just classes.


TIP: You can zoom into the NeighborGram™ to get a better view of the relationships between your data.

FIBO ™ is a business conceptual ontology standard providing a description of the structure and contractual obligations of financial instruments, legal entities, market data and financial processes.

FIBO is a project of the Enterprise Data Management Council. See www.edmcouncil.org/financialbusiness

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