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TopBraid Vocabulary Explorer Graphic

Vocabulary Explorer is part of TopBraid Enterprise Vocabulary Net

… To get started exploring, you can

1. Navigate to our FIBO Browser.

2. Search for any term in FIBO, such as Agreement, Document, or Equity by using the search field or selecting an item from the navigation tree.

A search input field that shows autocomplete of the word affiliate

3. Get a visual view of its properties and connections to other terms by selecting the NeighborGram™ button at the bottom.


TIP: You can zoom into the NeighborGram™ to get a better view of the relationships between your data.

FIBO ™ is a business conceptual ontology standard providing a description of the structure and contractual obligations of financial instruments, legal entities, market data and financial processes.

FIBO is a project of the Enterprise Data Management Council. See www.edmcouncil.org/financialbusiness

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